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ZTA-160 water pump spring shock absorber performance characteristics:
1, the shape shell is made of high quality steel, and the shock absorber will never break in transportation and operation. It will enhance the of shock absorber.
2, the load range is wide, convenient for users to choose, natural frequency is low, vibration isolation effect is good, and compact structure, small size, easy installation and replacement, safe and reliable operation, long.
3. It has strong adaptability to the working environment and can work normally at . The active vibration isolation and passive isolation, shock and vibration and solid isolation has obvious effect. It is an ideal shock absorber for isolating vibration, reducing noise, harnessing vibration public hazards and protecting environment.
ZTA series damper consists of three kinds of installation form, ZTA type damping spring damper on the seat surface is non slip rubber pad for power equipment disturbance force is small, can be directly ZTA damper placed on the equipment base, do not need to be fixed, large exciting force equipment and the shock absorber is fixed on the the mounting hole is fixed, the bottom of the shock absorber mounting hole and